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Welcome to Allegheny Junction Model Railroad Supply

     Allegheny Junction Model Railroad Supply is a company specializing in products with an Eastern Railroading theme. Our first offering is the re-issue of Crossroad Models craftsman style kits of The Waynesburg & Washington coach 5 or 6 ,a Jackson and Sharp product, that was delivered to the W&W in 1892. We also have coach/RPO 2 or 3 , a Builtmeyer and Small product, delivered to the W&W in 1897. W&W baggage car 12 is the works and hopefully to be announced shortly.These cars are available at our web store ;http://knucklepincom.ipage.com/store/page3.html

     We will also be offering our line of built-up structures in S scale and O scale. We can also constuct a kit for you, checkout Knuclepin .wordpress.com for examples of my work

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Construction Tips for CROSSROADS MODALS kit #1

CROSSROADS MODELS kits are precision engineered laser kits that will produce an excellently detailed model. The kit we will be discussing in the next couple of posts is Kit#1 ,Waynesburg and Washington Railroads  coach #5 or #6. This was an open platform car built by Jackson and Sharp. The prototype for this car still exists and is under going restoration at the Connecticut Antique Association.http://www.ctamachinery.com/    One significant difference from the first run is that the roofs come pre-sanded to an appropriate profile. For those of you that may have the original run of kits the way that I did it was to cut the reverse profile from a copy of drawing 1 and use it to check on my sanding. The instructions recommend using a sanding stick which yields good control over the removal of materials. I used my dremel and got a little to aggressive,hence the greenstuff in the photo to build it back up. Fig 1 shows the roof assembly.

Next is the car sides. This is in my opinion where craftsman style kits excel. You can either build as intended or make changes as you see fit. Since I model the Waynesburg and Washington I built it as per the instructions. A NWSL chopper or similar tool is very helpful and speeds assembly. I was able to build both sides in about an hour and a half. The instructions suggest using ACC but I did it with Alene’s glue. The depth of the window detail is the key ingredient to the authenticity of this model. The extra depth created by using three layers in building up the car sides is the key engineering feature of this kit. Please note as stated in the instructions, do not install piece 20C . The glazing fits inside the cutout in piece 20B and the window panes cut in 20C cover these. The final effect is outstanding. Well ,that’s it for right now .

simple profile jig for roof profile




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Welcome to Allegheny Junction,an Eastern outpost in the world of Narrow Gauge Modeling

    Welcome to Allegheny Junction, a place where all Eastern Narrow Gauge converges. Our goal is to offer built-up structures and craftsman style kits of Eastern Narrow Gauge rolling stock. That being said it gives me great pleasure to announce the re-issue of CROSSROADS MODELS wonderful laser cut line of equipment from the Waynesburg and Washington Railroad in On3/On30.  http://knucklepincom.ipage.com/store/page3.html

     We now have in stock Coach Body Kit – 01 which will build W&W coach 5 or 6. These coaches were built by Jackson and Sharp for the W&W in 1892. Since Jackson and Sharp claimed to be the largest builder of narrow gauge equipment in 1892 they were found on many roads such as the Cincinnati Lebanon & Northern  and the Pittsburgh & Castle Shannon. Similar cars were used on the D&RGW.These particular prototypes remained in service till the late 1920’s when passenger service was discontinued. Whether you build this kit as intended or use it for kitbashing you’ll find it to be a great value.

   Also in stock is CROSSROADS MODELS KIT – 02 . This car was originally built by Billmeyer and Small Car Works and is a prime example of how prototype equipment changed to fit the needs of the railroad. This kit can be built into three different versions and all are prototypical. The car started it’s career as the first coach number 2 in 1877. Then in 1878 it was renumbered as coach number 3. An identical car was built by Billmeyer and Small in 1883 as the third coach number 2 which was converted to coach/RPO number2 in 1897. Whew,you got all that. Simply put, you have enough parts here to create about any car your road needs .

   All CROSSROAD MODEL kits include such details as handrails, car steps and platform rails  that were used by the W&W. A new feature is pre-shaped roofs to help ease construction. Many modelers have said that they consider pre-forming the roofs to be a deterrent in assembling craftsman kits. We just made things a little easier.