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Construction Tips for CROSSROADS MODALS kit #1

CROSSROADS MODELS kits are precision engineered laser kits that will produce an excellently detailed model. The kit we will be discussing in the next couple of posts is Kit#1 ,Waynesburg and Washington Railroads  coach #5 or #6. This was an open platform car built by Jackson and Sharp. The prototype for this car still exists and is under going restoration at the Connecticut Antique Association.http://www.ctamachinery.com/    One significant difference from the first run is that the roofs come pre-sanded to an appropriate profile. For those of you that may have the original run of kits the way that I did it was to cut the reverse profile from a copy of drawing 1 and use it to check on my sanding. The instructions recommend using a sanding stick which yields good control over the removal of materials. I used my dremel and got a little to aggressive,hence the greenstuff in the photo to build it back up. Fig 1 shows the roof assembly.

Next is the car sides. This is in my opinion where craftsman style kits excel. You can either build as intended or make changes as you see fit. Since I model the Waynesburg and Washington I built it as per the instructions. A NWSL chopper or similar tool is very helpful and speeds assembly. I was able to build both sides in about an hour and a half. The instructions suggest using ACC but I did it with Alene’s glue. The depth of the window detail is the key ingredient to the authenticity of this model. The extra depth created by using three layers in building up the car sides is the key engineering feature of this kit. Please note as stated in the instructions, do not install piece 20C . The glazing fits inside the cutout in piece 20B and the window panes cut in 20C cover these. The final effect is outstanding. Well ,that’s it for right now .

simple profile jig for roof profile





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